5 Scary-Easy Dorm-Friendly Halloween Treats

By Sophia Rizzuto

Halloween is just a couple of weeks away, and that means it’s time to start making some deliciously spooky food. Thankfully, there are many recipes that can be easily made in our (extremely) limited kitchens known as dorm rooms. Plan a night with your roommates to make these fun desserts, and then proceed to eat them all while watching your favorite Halloween movie!

Halloween Candy Bark

This colorful and easy candy bark is the perfect way to kick off those Halloween festivities. The only extra thing you’ll need is a sheet pan, but that’s easy enough to buy on Amazon. This bark is also super customizable, so if you don’t love any of the candies in this recipe, feel free to substitute your personal favorites!

candy bark

Marshmallow Ghosts

These sweet, gooey ghosts are only made with three ingredients and won’t take more than 20 minutes to make (and eat).  Add your own creative flare to this recipe by replacing original marshmallows with colored ones; they’ll look absolutely boo-tiful!

marshmallow ghosts

Dracula Dentures

If you do not have access to an oven for this recipe, you can easily substitute the cookie dough with pre-made cookies from the grocery store. Add some variety by using cookie flavors other than chocolate chip — either way, they are sure to spook your dentist.

dracula dentures

Mummy Pops

Your classic Nutter Butters are taken to the next level with a chocolate coating and vanilla frosting layered on top. These treats are so tasty they’ll scare you out of the grave! Those allergic to peanuts can easily substitute the Nutter Butters with Milano cookies.

mummy pops

Marshmallow Heads

Off with their heads! Recreate iconic Halloween characters like Dracula and Frankenstein with some candy melts and a toothpick. This recipe will bring out the inner artist in you!

marshmallow heads

Bloodshot Eyeballs

With a new take on doughnut holes, these eyeballs are sure to make you squirm (in a good way). The recipe only requires Munchkins, M&M’s, and frosting! After eating one It’ll be hard to stop, so beware.

bloodshot eyeballs

Graveyard Chocolate Cheesecake

For those who are obsessed with cheesecake, this dip will certainly satisfy all of your cravings. It’s chocolatey, creamy, and has a nice crunch from the Oreos. Add some spooky toppings and you’ve got one delicious graveyard.

cheesecake graveyard

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