Instagarten is the Instagram Account You Never Knew You Needed

By Chloe Citron

Most people love Ina Garten, and if you say you don’t you’re obviously lying. With her fresh ingredients, witty remarks and love for Jeffrey, she makes watching endless hours of the Food Network that much better. So when I found out about the parody Instagram account, Instagarten, I pretty much lost it.


Instagarten is an Instagram account solely dedicated to memes of Ina Garden, and I promise you, they aren’t boring. Although the account is not updated daily, there are endless pop culture references to the Barefoot Contessa that you will be laughing about for days. The captions are gold and make me laugh every time. If you just imagine Ina Garten looking through this account, you won’t be able to stop laughing.


I realized that Ina is not currently following the account and that the account isn’t following her either. I wondered if Ina had ever reached out to the founders of this masterpiece, so I messaged the founders to find out some more information. The account started in March of 2016 when a group of 10 friends were making memes about Ina and realized that they should share them with the masses. The account is not sure if Ina knows about its existence, but Ina’s official account blocked the parody account for a period of time, so they believe it is possible she found the account and was not a fan.


The 10 friends who manage the account create all of their own memes and claim that most of their ideas stem from inside jokes or a play on a particularly popular meme at that time. The account doesn’t post that frequently because they prefer “quality over quantity” and they “ruminate” over the captions quite a bit to ensure that they are as funny as possible.


The account’s top performing posts are usually the ones surrounding celebrities and their latest news (aka Beyoncé and her twins). However, each post is a mini piece of gold in my eyes. Check out @instagarten on Instagram to find all the memes you never knew you needed.


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