Just Donuts

– Ellen Greene

breakfast style.jpeg

This little donut shop 25 minutes north of Syracuse does one thing and does it well, Just Donuts. The tiny storefront may throw you off, but the line outside lets you know you’re at the right place. Just Donuts is small and family-run, inspired by donut shops in bigger cities.

They offer four types of donuts; plain, chocolate, cider, and a daily special. Then, you have your choice of 11 different glazes, like peanut butter or marshmallow. Finally, your donut is sprinkled with one of 23 different toppings ranging from cinnamon streusel to bacon and potato chips. Each donut is made fresh to order, glazed and decorated right in front of you. Your first bite into the warm, sweet mess can make you forget about finals and that paper you have due at midnight. A half dozen of donut creations costs the same as a venti latte at Starbucks, so what’s the better choice here? Grab a friend with a car and make the trip!

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