Find Your Fit: Picking a Food Subscription Box Service

– Megan Falk

Much like the days of visiting your neighborhood Blockbuster to rent a movie, weekly trips to your local grocery store are becoming a thing of the past. After NatureBox paved the way for food subscription boxes with its launch in 2012, consumers have been able to experience new cultures or devour their guilty pleasures with ease. If you’re new to the scene, the vast amount of subscription boxes available can be intimidating. But don’t fret; here are eight food subscription boxes that could be a perfect fit for you.

Candy Club

(Source: Candy Club)

With 55 candies available, Candy Club will have no problem satisfying your sweet —or sour — tooth. After taking a quick quiz, Candy Club will customize a box of treats to fit your taste preferences and ship three jars of candies, along with a bonus candy splash, to your doorstep. Beware: Your dentist probably won’t be too pleased to hear you’re eating two pounds of sugary, gummy, sticky treats each month.

Price: $22.99 per month (plus shipping) for a six-month plan

Delivery: Monthly

Perfect for: Those who smuggle their own candy into the movies



(Source: Mantry)

Nothing attempts to fortify the masculinity in cooking more than Mantry. In addition to its handmade, wooden crate filled with six artisanal foods centered upon one theme, Mantry provides recipes and editorial stories that will make every dad in the neighborhood break out the whisk.

Price: $49 bimonthly or $294 for a 12-month plan

Delivery: Every two months

Perfect for: PTA dads and little league baseball coaches

Try the World

(Source: Try the World)

Traveling abroad can take a chunk out of your wallet and your time, but with a subscription to Try the World, you can sample foods from across the globe without ever leaving your home. Each month, Try the World focuses on one nation and features food items directly from their country of origin. In addition to working with small, family-owned companies, Try the World attempts to stifle culinary cultural appropriation by detailing the story behind each product and including item specific recipes.

Price: $35 each month for a three-month subscription

Delivery: Monthly

Perfect for: People consumed by wanderlust

Vegan Cuts – Snack Box

(Source: Vegan Yack Attack)

While vegans are often falsely portrayed as dainty and weak, Vegan Cuts’ Snack Box is anything but. The company, which specializes in a variety of vegan subscription boxes, fills each package to its brim with 10 or more all-vegan snacks, including chips, cookies, sodas and teas. If you aren’t sold quite yet, about 80 percent of the products are gluten-free, and many are non-GMO project verified or certified organic.

Price: $20 per box for a six-month subscription

Delivery: Monthly

Perfect for: Health junkies and animal activists


(Source: Hello Subscription)

While other food subscription plans claim to provide farm fresh produce in each shipment, Plow Box guarantees this by compiling eight to 10 packs of certified organic, non-GMO seeds that are appropriate for the season and climate into a single package. As you grow your own fruits and veggies, you’ll also make use of the additional small products from the company’s partner brands in every box. Time to break out the trowel!

Price: $45 for one quarter

Delivery: March, June, September and December

Perfect for: Foodies who don’t mind getting their hands dirty

Mouth – Indie States of America

(Source: Mouth)

Flavors and foods vary from region to region, and Mouth attempts to capture this element through its Indie States of America subscription box. Each box contains four to five “indie” goodies from one region or city in the country. While January’s box compiles goodies from Brooklyn, New York, the best of the Rockies is encompassed in September.

Price: $60 per month for a three-month plan

Delivery: Monthly

Perfect for: Road trip lovers and adventurous souls

Oat Box

(Source: Twitter)

As Sunday brunch dates slowly become overrated, Oat box offers two upscale bags of granola each month in their place. With 15 portions total, you’ll feel reluctant to scarf these oats down like Cocoa Puffs and instead savor the flavor, picturing yourself sitting in a Parisian café overlooking the Effiel Tower.

Price: $20 per month

Delivery: Monthly

Perfect for: Cereal-for-dinner advocates trying to feel a little classier


(Source: Diana Reese)

Not everyone can master the perfectly whipped meringue, and OrangeGlad is here to help. Each month, the company ships out five handcrafted, unique desserts made by local chefs and bakers from sea to shining sea. Every box contains classic treats with special twists, such as shortbread marshmallows infused with salted caramel, or goods that are all the rage, such as hot chocolate on a stick. Now let’s keep the butane torch in the cabinet.

Price: $25 per month

Delivery: Monthly

Perfect for: Experts on culinary terms and baking techniques but have no actual skill


Pick your box and order away!


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