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3 Healthy Alternative Pizza Recipes

– Kerri Mcaneney

It’s Friday night, but you want something different before going out. You know Domino’s won’t cut it. So, here are some healthy pizza recipes that can be a good shake-up from the usual takeout.

Turkey Pizza


Source: My Recipes

Instead of pepperoni give a different topping a try. And who doesn’t love turkey? You can use cheeses like mozzarella and provolone for this recipe or you can do a mashup of some of your favorites. Get the recipe here.

Whole Grain Salami and Mozzarella Pizza


Source: Food Network

This might sound weird, but I promise it is delicious. You wouldn’t think that salami would be a good topping for pizza, but you were wrong! Take a twist on pepperoni with this recipe.

Eggplant Parmesan Pizza


Source: Eating Well

A combination of two Italian favorites will create this delicious food baby. This recipe will let you enjoy the deliciousness of eggplant parm and pizza! Get the recipe here.


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