Custom Cake Poppin’

– Claire Mackman

Imagine you and your best friend, your cuddly pet, or even an inside joke on a CAKE POP. You heard me — a cake pop.

Introducing a combination of personalization and down right delicious: New York Cake Pops Custom Edible Image Cake Pops. The company just started  offering  a new service that allows you to send in an image to be brought to life on delectable cake pops. The creation process starts with your image and from there, you can choose a custom color and cake flavor. The flavor choices include everything from classic vanilla, to chocolate peanut butter and even cookies and cream!

Source: New York Cake Pops

The possibilities are truly endless and are sure to satisfy all of your cravings! All cake pops produced by New York Cake Pops are hand crafted, dipped in premium Belgium chocolate and individually wrapped.  I don’t know about you, but my mouth is already watering. The orders start at one dozen and have many packaging options for endless occasions. The company asks for a 48-hour notice before the creation of your cake pops so make sure to plan ahead. Although the cake pops are on the pricier end, there’s no doubt that they will impress. Next time you’re thinking of what to get your BFF for her birthday or your parent’s anniversary, spice it up with these custom cake pops!


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