How to Host the Ultimate Galentine’s Day Dinner

– Katie Bisbee

Myth: The Valentine’s Day is the worst when your single. The fact is, being single on Valentine’s Day is actually awesome. When you aren’t tied down, you have the freedom to do whatever you want.

Virtually no one throws a party for Valentine’s Day, even though that’s exactly what you should do, especially if you’re single. Nothing gives more love vibes than a gathering with your girlfriends for a night of non-romantic debauchery. In the company of your best friends, all you need for the ultimate Galentine’s Day dinner is booze, bite-sized snacks, and maybe even some boys.

1. Booze

Source: Tasty Bev

Love is sweet – and so is pink champagne. Rose champagne is bright and fruity, making it the perfect drink for a bubbly dinner. Spice it up by making champagne cocktails — fruit, champagne, garnish, done!

2. Bite Sized Portions

Source: Cupcake Diaries

While this holiday is known for sweets, make sure your guests have plenty of savory options to carry them through the evening. Finger foods are perfect for this occasion because you don’t have to share. Mini heart shaped pizzas are a necessity for showing that love comes in all shapes and forms — most commonly in pizza form. Pair the pizza with fries — “fries before guys” is real, you know.

3. Boys

Source: Ben & Jerry’s

No, not THOSE boys. The only boys you need are Ben and Jerry. Luckily, Ben & Jerry’s have released three new flavors just in time for Galentine’s Day: Urban Bourbon, Oat of this Swirled and Truffle Kerfuffle. Instead of laboring over chocolate cover strawberries and messy red velvet cupcakes save your time and money by buying a pint of Ben and Jerry’s. Or five, we don’t judge at Galentine’s Day parties. It’s no secret that ice cream makes everything better.

So don’t spend this Valentine’s Day feeling bad about being single. Love yourself, love your friends!


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