#MyFoodHigh: The Roundup

Want us to feature your foodstagram? Use the hashtag #MyFoodHigh in your posts or tag us @bakedmagazine!

VEGAN GOURMET PIZZA from @twobootspizza. Photo: @inspiredspoons.

Look who learned how to cook! I guess I’m a little southern after all. Photo: @lalaleslie3.


I made some fresh pizza drizzled with balsamic and topped with pineapple. Photo: @friedapro.

If Taylor Swift did sing about #Starbucks, would she be talking about this chocolate banana smoothie? Photo: @erlenmeyerflask.


A quick clip of last night’s gingerbread cookie making session courtesy of @food52! Considering making speed cooking a weekly event, check out the full video of Thymeandtime.com. Photo: @thymeandtime.

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