#MyFoodHigh: The Roundup

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Before I devoured it 😋

A post shared by Marnie Landau (@marnielandau) on

Before she devoured it. Photo: @marnielandau.

Whateva it's Friday ✌️🍩

A post shared by ange la la (@ange_poccia) on

Doughnuts on doughnuts at Skaneateles Bakery. Photo: @ange_poccia.

The perfect early birthday treat from @bottegalouie. Photo: @alliegirl22.

She was a meringue decorator in a past life. Photo: @sbfein.

It's never too early for Halloween themed sugar cookies. 🎃👻🍪

A post shared by Beth Fritzinger (@bethfritzinger) on

It’s never too early for Halloween-themed sugar cookies. Photo: @bethfritzinger.


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