How To Make Veggie Fries With Zucchini And Avocado

Fresh produce is always in stock once the ground decides to thaw, and no one can resist a handful of vegetables. Tossed salads and sautéed veggies will get real old real fast, so why not try something a bit more fun?

Koinonia Opens New Organic Cafe On Westcott

Natural light floods a room with a clean interior design. The atmosphere at Koinonia Juice Bar and Cafe’s new branch is refreshing and seems to be the only place in Syracuse where spring actually exists. The juice bar is managed by the same owners of the Koinonia Center of Health, located in Fayetteville, NY. Its new location in the Westcott neighborhood—settled directly above…

AppeThaizing: A Vegan Twist On Thai Cuisine

With awesome vegan options (finally, no fish sauce!) and a brightly lit, colorful setting, AppeThaizing on Crouse Avenue is the next big thing. Even on weekdays at off-peak hours, the restaurant is packed. This joint offers traditional Thai dishes, like…

11 Veggetti Recipes

The Veggetti is a kitchen utensil that slices vegetables into thin or thick noodles so they can be used for an array of dishes. For example, try slicing zucchini and cook with olive oil and spices for a healthy alternative to pasta.