The true power of baking

When thinking of baking, your mind usually travels to the creation of delicious treats and entrancing smells, but I have come to realize the most valuable thing it produces is the irreplaceable feeling of familial love.   By Lily McDonald For as long as I can remember, every meal my family had was made by my mom. She would spend hours in the kitchen preparing the … Continue reading The true power of baking

Butter Board: TikTok’s next big thing

By Maddie Roberts If you are on any side of food TikTok, I am sure you have seen a butter board. TikTok creator Justine Dorion (@Justine_Snacks), who made the butter board trend viral, claims that butter boards are the new charcuterie board. While that is a very bold assertion to make on “FoodTok,” #butterboard has reached almost 5,000 posts on Instagram in the past few … Continue reading Butter Board: TikTok’s next big thing