The whipped cream maker: A kitchen must-have

It is always exciting to try making something typically store bought by yourself. So why not give whipped cream a try?

By Izzy Giacoppo

When you have guests over, you typically want to make an effort to impress them. Maybe it is through a new, fancy, high-tech Bluetooth speaker that plays the perfect dinner tunes. Perhaps you just got a stunning, new dishware set. However, our suggestion for something impressive is certainly not a speaker or fine china, but we can guarantee that it will bring a smile to your guest’s faces. They probably will not be expecting homemade whipped cream to go with their dessert, so this device will be a fun surprise. Plus, you may get lots of attention by performing a demonstration of how the tool works. 

The whipped cream maker we recommend is the Espuma iSi, but you can do this with any brand. For this device, all you have to do is add your liquid, screw on the charger holder, shake, and then dispense the whipped cream. With this gadget, your guests will realize how much better freshly made whipped cream is than store-bought. Although whipped cream, whether homemade or from a can, hardly ever disappoints — homemade whipped cream always tastes creamier and less artificial. It is the perfect way to elevate your desserts. 

Making whipped cream by hand is definitely a cheaper option than investing in a machine, but we say that if you can afford one, buy it! Using a whipped cream maker results in a better product because it requires less time and effort. It is much easier to top your desserts neatly by using the tip, and the maker gives the whipped cream the perfect consistency that may be difficult to achieve by hand. 

What you make with the device does not necessarily have to be whipped cream; there is so much room for creativity to keep you and your guests entertained and satisfied. The device will open the door to an abundance of culinary possibilities, making it a terrific additional appliance for your kitchen. 

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