Chill out with frozen hot chocolate

Have you ever thought about taking hot chocolate to the next level? Well, if you have, then a frozen hot chocolate is just what you need, especially for those not-so-wintery days.

By Izzy Giacoppo

Hot chocolate is a classic warm beverage, a winter staple. It radiates pure comfort and pleasure. What makes it so special is that there are so many varieties, flavors, and ways to make it; you can make a cup of chocolate milk and pop it in the microwave, you can use cocoa powder, hot chocolate mix, pieces of chocolate, or hot chocolate bombs. Whichever way you choose to make your toasty cup of goodness, you will end up with something to add a little coziness to a chilly day. But what about when the day is not chilly and the thought of getting warm under a blanket only makes you sweat, yet you still crave the flavor and enjoyment of a hot chocolate with some whipped cream on top? It may seem like a complicated issue to solve, especially if you are looking for a sweet beverage that has all the flavorful reminders of that frosty time of year but all the fun of a refreshing summer milkshake. Well, fortunately, we have a solution, and it is a rather simple one.

Ingredients to make one serving :

1 cup of ice

¾ to 1 cup of half-and-half

2 packs of instant hot cocoa 

Whipped cream

Chocolate syrup


Add the first three ingredients (ice, half-and-half, hot cocoa mix) to a blender and blend until it is mostly smooth. Then, pour the contents of the blender into a cup, top it off with whipped cream and chocolate syrup, and there you have it! 

This drink is a quick, fun, easy way to enjoy hot chocolate any time of year, and it is a great way to impress any guests with your dessert crafting skills. Sharing this treat with others will surely spread lots of joy. After all, hot chocolate–whether it is filled in a mug and piping hot, or served in a tall glass like a cold milkshake at a diner–has the power to bring a smile to anyone’s face. So enjoy, and although you may want to gulp it down all in one second, remember to savor the flavor, and take slow sips, too, to avoid the brain freeze. 

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