Syracuse’s International Food Markets

by Yana Bychkova

Even though Syracuse seems to be a very small city, it has a lot of diverse food markets that will make you feel a little bit closer to home or offer some interesting foods to try. Syracuse has food markets for many cultures. To help you learn more about them, we not only created a list of those markets, but also included Google rating, some of the foods each market sells, and where it is located. Enjoy! 

European Specialties

Google Rating: 4.6/5 Stars

2142 W Genesee St, Syracuse 

This market is full of delicious foods and groceries from Ukraine, Poland, Russia and other European countries! Here you can find anything from candies and tea, to sausages and pelmenis or varenikes (Russian and Ukrainian dumplings). There is no shortage of goodies, but locals will tell you to come on Thursday, when the delivery comes, in order to make sure you find everything you are looking for.

Samir’s Imported Foods

Google Rating: 4.4/5 Stars

811 E Genesee St, Syracuse

This grocery store has a lot of Halal, Middle Eastern, and North African foods and specialties. Here you can find a great selection of olives, cheese, and Mediterranean foods that are cheaper than those offered in Wegmans. It is also a family owned business that knows every person delivering groceries to their market and are always happy to see you.

Asia Food Market

Google rating: 4.4/5 Stars

1449 Erie Blvd E, Syracuse 

This store has one of the greatest selections of authentic Asian foods and groceries. It sells veggies, fish (including dried fish and calamari), meats and much more, including tapioca/boba for boba tea. Staff is always friendly and the store is clean, but sometimes has delivery shortages.

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